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Shed With Me Complete 10 Song Series (MP3)

Shed With Me Complete 10 Song Series (MP3)
Brand: Music Man Dre Productions
Product Code: SWMC10SSMP3001
Availability: In Stock
Price: $24.99 $22.49
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'Shed With Me: Complete 10 Song Series (MP3)' is the amazing 10 song collection of backing tracks specifically designed with musicians in mind. The SHED WITH ME series was createdby Andre Forbes for Music Man Dre Productions. This music will give you inspiration as well as the ability to take out any track and play it yourself!

Songs Included:
Shed With Me: Gospel Funk
Shed With Me: In The Studio
Shed With Me: The Big Rock
Shed With Me: Phat Jam
Shed With Me: That Crazy Funk
Shed With Me: Shout Up
Shed With Me: Lifted
Shed With Me: The Groove
Shed With Me: Rockish
Shed With Me: The Fuse
This power packed product comes with all 10 songs from the SHED WITH ME series. This incredible product provides individual WAV files of every instrument. That means you can keep or remove any tracks you want when you play along with it! So if you play drums and your friend play bass, you can remove the bass track and drum track and leave everything else in the mix. We've also included some "QUICK PLAY" mp3s which are premixed versions without certain instruments like drums, bass or piano so you can easily jump right into playing. These tracks can be loaded into your MPC, iPad, GarageBand, Locic, Pro Tools, Sonar or just about any DAW. We're making this a Royalty-Free product. What this means is, your purchase allows you to freely use this music on YouTube videos, Instructional DVDs or your own personal /commerical projects while we retain the copyrights. All we ask is that you link back to HotMusicFactory.com from any production this music is used for.
- 10 Complete Songs (MP3s)
- Tempos and Key included
- Drumless, Pianoless and Bassless MP3s included
- Royalty-Free License
Filename Action
TG_100bpm_Amin_MP3.zip [ Purchase ]
TCF_115bpm_Ebmin_MP3.zip [ Purchase ]
The_Fuse_139bpm_Fmin_MP3.zip [ Purchase ]
Shout_Up_155bpm_Fmaj_MP3.zip [ Purchase ]
Rockish_108bpm_Amin_MP3.zip [ Purchase ]
Phat_Jam_110bpm_Cmin_MP3.zip [ Purchase ]
Lifted_100bpm_Fmin_MP3.zip [ Purchase ]
In_The_Studio_95bpm_Dmin_MP3.zip [ Purchase ]
Gospel_Funk_94bpm_Dmin_MP3.zip [ Purchase ]
The_Big_Rock_160bpm_Emin_MP3.zip [ Purchase ]

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