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Platinum Session Drums (Refill)

Platinum Session Drums (Refill)
Brand: Hot Music Factory
Product Code: PSDRR001
Availability: In Stock
Price: $49.99 $44.99
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'Platinum Session Drums' is a versatile collection of multi-sampled drum kits for Soul, Funk, Rock, Latin, R&B and Gospel. These kits will make a great addition to any Reason user's drum collection. These kits are conveniently mapped out for live play on keyboard and other MIDI controllers. There are 9 Combinator patches with fully customizable kits. With each kit, you can modify the Room, Reverb, Stereo Spread, EQ and Volume. Parts such as kicks, snares, hihats, toms and cymbals are easily interchangeable with the NN-XT individual section patches within the Combinator. This makes customizing kits on the fly a breeze. Add Platinum Session Drums to your Reason Refill collection today!

Platinum Session Drums Combinator Face
Platinum Session Drums Combinator Devices

Included Drum Kits

  • Back Beat Kit
  • Funky Town Kit
  • R&B Night Club Kit
  • Studio Session Kit
  • The Big Time Kit
  • Slump Soul Kit
  • Soultry Funk Kit
  • The Indie Kit
  • The Latin Jazz Kit
  • 9 Combinator Drum Kit Patches
  • 47 NN-XT Patches
  • 823 Multi-Velocity Drum Samples
  • File Size 312Mb
  • Reason Refill
  • Combinator and NN-XT



  • Reason 3+
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM


Filename Action
HMF_Platinum_Session_Drums_V1.zip [ Purchase ]

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