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Jesus Like a Biscuit

Jesus Like a Biscuit
Brand: Over the Top Humor
Product Code: OTTHJLAB
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'Jesus Like a Biscuit' is from the humorous Over the Top Humor video created by Andre Forbes. This product includes the full song, karaoke version and instrumental version.
WATCH ON YOUTUBE --> Over the Top Piano Player "Amazing Grace"
All Music and Vocals by Andre Forbes
• Jesus Like a Biscuit (FULL / mp3)
• Jesus Like a Biscuit (KARAOKE / mp3)
• Jesus Like a Biscuit (INSTRUMENTAL)
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Jesus_Like_a_Biscuit.mp3 [ Purchase ]
Jesus_Like_a_Biscuit_Karaoke.mp3 [ Purchase ]
Jesus_Like_a_Biscuit_Instrumental.mp3 [ Purchase ]

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